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Commonly faced WordPress Error might scare many of the bloggers if faced for first time or repeated again. WordPress is one of the best content management system that is growing widely throughout the globe. It has caught the eyes of various entrepreneurs, bloggers, professionals, agencies & many more. Whether a person wants to create a corporate site, e-commerce store, viral news site or simple blog – WordPress undoubtedly has all the required features stored at one place.

For a blogger who believes in Do It Yourself {DIY}, WordPress provides a vast learning opportunities. Another good news is that if you’re facing an error on your WordPress site, it is most likely faced by someone else before. It’s been faced, solved and eliminated just for you. Here, at itstechnoera, we have come up with these 23 commonly faced WordPress error for which many vloggers/bloggers have shared their set of solution.

We are going to share the most common possible causes for respective errors. The solution guides & videos are linked with two of the best WordPress site building blogs. – Mythemeshop and WPBeginner.

Note: Before eliminating any error, make sure to take a complete WordPress Backup.

Error FacedPossible Causes
1. 500 Internal Error1. Problem with Server
2. Server cannot find the source of Error
3. Often due to plugins/themes dysfunctions
2. Error Establishing Database Connection1. Unable to establish a secure database connection due to variable reasons
2. database configuration details {like username, password, ftp address, etc.} can be wrong
3. database could be corrupted
4. Non responsive database location
3. 404 Error1. It’s NOT a SERVER related issue, whereas this error is related to the Permalink.
2. Deleted URLs not updated or moved or redirected to proper URL.
3. Dead links
4. Usually, 301 permanent redirects should be applied to the updated permalinks to avoid 404 error
5. Corrupted .htaccess files
4. Syntax Error


{It is a PHP parse error indicating that an error is with the location}

1. Updating an existing plugin or theme
2. Editing existing theme/plugin & adding wrong PHP Syntax.
5. WordPress White Screen of Death – Quite Panicking
{A plain white screen with no error message}
1. Faulty Plugin
2. Error while updating the theme
3. A Script exhausts PHP memory limit
4. Poorly coded theme
6. Fix Login Page Refreshing & Redirecting Issue


{User is redirected back to login page while attempting the admin login}

1. Permalink is not set properly
[Eg.: Instead of https://domain.com/wp-login.php it is https://domain.com/wp-login.php/post?xyz?12…
2. The wrong redirect included in a .htaccess file while WordPress installation
3. Make sure to clear browser’s cookies & caches.
7. The Sidebar below Content Error


{Sidebar is unavailable/reappear below the content}

1. Poor theme choice
2. HTML/CSS Error with the theme
3. Admin forgets to close an HTML div tag while editing
8. Memory Exhausted Error


[You can directly contact your service providers]

1. Low priced shared hosting plans.
2. Bandwidth is low & the resources of server hosting of a site are strained
9. Too Many Redirects Error1. Misconfigured Redirection Issue
[Eg.: WordPress has an SEO friendly URL structure. So does various installed plugins. While functioning of plugin & WordPress post, sometimes there arises an error in redirecting permalinks.]
2. Due to a misconfiguration in any redirection tools, your user might get trapped in Referring URL & Actual Permalink.
10. Common Image Issues1. Lack of knowledge on using WordPress media


2. Mismatch of image quality, size, extension

11. Image Upload/Broken Image1. Wrong file permission

2. Upload directory should have correct file permissions otherwise WordPress will not be able to store your files in it or sometimes may not even display files from the upload directory.

3. Media library appears to be broken

12. Locked out of WordPress Admin Area 1. If you’ve forgot the ID or Password.
2. Unable to access the email for recovering password
3. A plugin or any code that tries to manipulate the admin section.
4. Maybe it’s hacked
13. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Message 1. Active theme or plugin failed to use Nonce Property.

14. RSS Feed Error 1. Poor formatting of XML Files.
2. This error varies in different browser.
15. Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance 1. WordPress is updating or there is an interruption in the process of update.
2. WordPress puts your site under maintenance mode during the process.
3. If by any reason the update is interrupted & WordPress doesn’t get a chance to put the site out of Maintenance mode, then the error lock down entire site for both admin and users.
16. Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail 1. Wrong Image configuration in facebook Open Graph (og) tags
2. Featured thumbnail is smaller in comparison to other images
17. Maximum execution Time Exceeded

WordPress uses PHP as the main language & it comes with a set of rules. One of the rule is limiting the maximum execution time of scripts that run on server.
1. There is a time limit on how long a PHP script can run.
2. The scripts have reached their maximum execution time limit.
18. Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk1. Error with folder permissions
2. Web server cannot create or add new files in particular folder due to incorrect permissions.
19. WordPress keeps logging out

WordPress sets a cookie in your browser to ensure authenticated login sessions.
1. The URL you’re accessing & the URL set by WordPress mismatches.
2. WordPress is unable to authenticate your login.
20. 403 Forbidden Error 1. Server permissions do not allow access to a specific page.
2. It is accompanied by a text that access is denied to that particular page.
3. Incorrect file permissions
4. Poorly coded security plugins
21. “This site contains harmful content” 1. If search engine (Google) finds any suspicious malware code.
2. Your site is hacked & now used to distribute malicious code.
3. Displaying ADS from low quality advertisers/advertising networks
22. Missed Scheduled Post1. Different time zone
23. 502 Bad Gateway1. Unexpected high traffic
2. Poor theme/plugin
3. A server misconfiguration.

Video Tutorials for all the commonly faced errors

500 Internal Error

Commonly faced wordpress error

Error Establishing Database Connection

Commonly Faced WordPress Error

404 Error

Commonly faced WordPress Error

Syntax Error

Commonly Faced WordPress Error

WordPress White Screen of Death

Commonly Faced WordPress Error

Fix Login Page Refreshing & Redirecting Issue

Commonly Faced WordPress Error

Sidebar below Content Error

Commonly Faced WordPress Error

Memory Exhausted Error

Commonly Faced WordPress Error

Too Many Redirects Issue

Commonly Faced WordPress Error

Common Image Issues

Image Upload/Broken Image

Locked out of WordPress Admin Area

Commonly Faced WordPress Error

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Message

RSS Feed Error

Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail

Commonly faced WordPress Error

Maximum execution Time Exceeded

Commonly faced WordPress Error

Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk

Commonly faced WordPress Error

WordPress keeps logging out

Commonly faced WordPress Error

403 Forbidden Error

Commonly faced WordPress Error

“This site contains harmful content”

Missed Scheduled Post

Commonly faced WordPress Error

502 Bad Gateway

Final Words

That’s all. We hope these all video tutorials & guides come handy as well as informative for you. Share your experience below.



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