5G network launch is the next biggest thing which will change the Human as well as AI lifestyle forever

5G network launch is going to change the lifestyle we’ve been living on a massive scale. With 5G network launch, machines might be able to talk to each other. Yeah!! Humans talking to each other was pretty common, ehh!! Today, we will discuss some facts over 5G network launch & what future does it hold.

There will be a major change in this era of Technology in the next two years. The name of this change is 5G technology. This new technology has been officially launched in South Korea a few months ago. Soon this technology will be officially launched in many western countries including the US. By 2022, this service will be officially launched in India as well.

5G Network Launch in India?

The Central Government of India is ready to try this service within the next 100 days. This information was given by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to the ministry. In this way, in the next two years, this superfast Internet and mobile network technology can be started in India.

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Will machines connect to each other after 5G Network Launch?

It is believed that not only humans, but the machines will also be able to talk to each other after the 5G Network Launch. Today we are going to tell you some facts related to the 5G services.

5G Services v/s 5G Network Launch

The 5th Generation aka 5G is also called the Fifth Generation of Mobile and Network Revolution. Device-to-device communication with the 5G network launch can be many times more faster than it is now.

5g network launch in India
5g network launch – what it will bring?

To illustrate this, we’ll use an example – now if you download a movie of 5GB (HD quality) from the Internet, then it will take 7 to 10 minutes. On the other hand, downloading the same movie in 5G service will take you only 40 seconds to 1 minute. That means you will get 10 times more than the Internet’s connectivity now. In this case, it will take a very short time to connect one device to another device.

1G – Voice Only

Before knowing more about 5G, let us know what is the journey from 1G to 5G and how much time has it taken to decide this journey? First Generation of 1G i.e. was started in 1979. It was officially rolled out in 1981. Analog technology was used in 1G, with the help of which a wireless device could be called from another wireless device. It was not possible to send text messages in 1G, it was used only for calling.

2G – Intro to SMS & MMS

About 10 years after the launch of 1G, 2G was officially launched in 1991. In 2G, users could also send text messages with calls. In this era, the device named Pager also had an Evolution, which was used only for text messaging. If you had to send some information to someone then you would have left your message on pager number.

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5G network launch is cool but 2G was cooler

Upgrading 2G to the GPRS and EDGE network was added in the 90’s. With this, users can now access the Internet through 2G. Also, MMS (multi-media messages) could also be used. Since then, mobile phones with multimedia support have started coming in the market. Downloading a 5GB HD movie in 2G can take about 1 month.

3G – Finally Data, More Data

In the third generation aka 3G mobile phone network, users were getting Internet service in multiplication by 2G. Now the users were also doing video calling with voice. Trial of 3G service was done in 1998 and this service was commercially launched in 2001. It took another 7 years to reach 3G in India. 3G service started in India after 2008 and it was commercially rolled out in 2009-10. If you download a 5GB HD movie in 3G, it takes about 24 hours.

4G – Speed is what Matters

The fourth generation i.e. 4G mobile network was rolled out commercially in 2010. It took another four years to start this service in India. In 2014, it was commercially rolled out in India. Today, the benefits of 4G services in almost 90% of India’s areas are benefited. The arrival of 4G has revolutionized the Internet and mobile networks.

With the introduction of 4G, not only the Internet but the voice calling service also got better. 4G is also called LTE i.e. Long Term Evolution. In this service, users also enjoy high-definition (HD) calling along with the internet.

With the introduction of VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) service with 4G, users can avail of High Speed ​​Internet during the call. 4G has made the life of a human being quite auspicious. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we started operating the device using the command.

Machines will talk after 5G network launch?

After the 5g network launch, the connectivity of the device will become even faster through machine learning and artificial intelligence. This will make life of the human being even easier. If you are also traveling in 5G, you will continue to get internet connectivity. 4G does not get internet connection connectivity during travel, due to which driver’s car or driver mobility is having difficulty. This will not be so in 5G, it will be the internet’s connectivity constant as well as the response to the server will be faster, which will help the machine connect with each other.

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5G Network Launch – Connectivity

For example, if you give a command to your car, the response to your command will be quicker. With the advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, Technology your life will be made easier with the connection between machines. Say – you’ve to command the car to turn off/on the engines and it will execute it without any human efforts. In this way, there will be a revolution in various other sectors other than automobiles. We’ve witnessed some examples with 4G network also. Now, all you’ve to do is wait for official 5G network launch.

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