5G Network Users Record shocked the Internet | 1 Million Subscribers in just 69 Days

South Korea hits 1 Million 5G Network Subscribers in 69 days of it’s launch. It broke the record of 4G network launch in 2011.

What is 5G?| Explained for 5G Network Subscribers

This claims that, 4G network will end soon after the 5G network arrives. At least turning truth in South Korea. Why are we saying this? Let’s tell you, the South Korean government has announced that there are 1 million 5G network subscribers in only 69 days. This is even faster when the country’s 4G network took 80 days to cross the 1 million mark in 2011.

Professional 5G service was officially launched in South Korea on 3rd April, 2019. After this, the Ministry of Science and Technology confirmed on June 10 crossing 1 million 5G network subscribers. About 17,000 new 5G subscribers in the country are joining daily. These numbers are after just limited 5G availability in the country. Think about unlimited 5G availability across the nation.

It is estimated that by the end of the year 2019 these numbers can reach up to 4 – 5 million. Especially, after the arrival of 5G capability in the smartphones of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note 10, it is more likely to achieve the mark. New hardware releases such as VR, AR, live sports and gaming content are also playing their role in marketing 5G services and attracting people.

5G network subscribers
5G to transform lives for every 5G network subscribers

Why are 5G Network Subscribers so excited about this Technology-

  • Not only are the discussions over 5G Network going on for a long time, but the work is also going on fast. Next-Generation Wireless Technology is going to be based on 5G only. 5G will give 10 times faster speed and will take less time in data transfer.
  • Most mobile companies are in the process of getting 5G technology into their mobile phones by 2020. But there are many constraints in bringing this technology, such as high spectrum prices, problems of rain-trees, trouble with the network standards etc. So 5G network subscribers are not only excited but also concerned for various aspects.

5G technology started in the year 2010. This is called the fifth generation of mobile networks. This is designed by keeping the ‘Wireless World Wide Web’ (Mobile Internet) in the mind. The give & take of data can be extensively increased in this technique.

In this, a multimedia newspaper can be broadcasted with HD quality video. Also, this technology will revolutionize the field of video calling. This technique can have exchange of data from speed over 1Gbps. Although its maximum speed has not been defied so far, as it is currently in concept time and the work is underway.

5g network subscribers
5G network subscribers understanding 5G with 4g/3g/2g

The biggest feature of this technique will be large-scale data exchange in real time. At the same time, this technology will open a new path in the field of virtual reality (i.e. augmented reality). You will be able to talk (feel like it) face-to-face on a phone call. Just like in the various science fiction and fantasy tales, the way people appear in front of you in a virtual form and you are able to talk to him face-to-face. This technique would be possible to do this. According to estimates, the 5G technology will be used properly & widely by 2020.

So get ready all the 5G Network subscribers, for 5G is coming.

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