These 9 Digital marketing tips in 2019 is all you need to know to rank higher NOW

Knowing and understanding these digital marketing tips in 2019 will greatly increase the chance of your business being successful online. Our team at ITSTECHNOERA understands the importance to stay up to date with the latest digital marketing tips, strategies and techniques. That’s why all our digital marketing tips, tricks, hacks, ideas are supported by our team of highly trained experts, who always want to improve their skills. We share practically performed digital marketing tips & tricks.

Here we present some simple digital marketing tips in 2019 which will help you gain an upper hand in your online business.

Digital Marketing Tips #1 – CONTENT

Update the content of your website: Writing new website content for your business will not only help your business remain relevant in your industry, but also help to increase brand recognition and overall appeal of your business. Consider creating new pages that show business abilities or update older pages with more recent information. Constantly updating content on your website so that it is fresh and relevant is said to be an SEO best practice known as “Evergreen”. By including evergreen in your content strategy, you will equip your content online for long-term success.

Digital Marketing tips in 2019
Digital Marketing tips in 2019

For example, if your website had published a blog article on the top 20 practiced digital marketing tips & hacks of 2018, you would like to update and republish this article for 2019. This creates a better experience for users on your website, while the search engine knows that you are an expert in your industry because your website is constantly updating with fresh and relevant content.

If your website does not have any blog or news section in advance, consider adding one and updating it regularly with new articles. Doing this can help in promoting website search engine rankings and allows it to rank for a wide range of web searches.

Digital marketing tips #2 – Audience Matters

Provide a great customer experience: As it is important to ensure that customers are related to your business with positive feelings and experiences, so be sure to answer the questions of customers immediately with honest and useful information. By taking this simple step, it will be ensured that current customers are happy, while their confidence in your brand is also increasing.

It is also important to ensure that your website is fast and easy to navigate because it will get a better emotional response from visitors. Websites with fast loading speed, intuitive navigation, and strong cross-platform functionality often produce the best user experience.

Providing a great user experience will not be neglected by a search engine. In fact, 2 of the most important search engine ranking factors in 2019 are speed of a website and a responsive design (mobile-friendly design). Ensuring that your website is fast and responsive will lead you to online success in 2019.

Digital marketing tips #3 – Local SEO

Take advantage of local SEO: In today’s market, most people seek service providers close to home. By targeting specific areas through the use of region-specific keywords and website content, your website will start ranking highly in search engine results for those areas, allowing your business to grow in new cities and communities.

Digital Marketing tips in 2019
Digital Marketing tips in 2019

To succeed with this, make sure that you are using region-specific keywords on your site and that your business NAP (name, address, phone number) is consistent across the web. Regional landing pages, schema markup and local link creation strategies are crucial for success in local markets.

Digital marketing tips #4 – Online Reputation

Create an Online Reputation Management Strategy: Asking customers to review your business online is not enough these days. In 2019, it is important to apply an online reputation management strategy to all businesses, especially for local businesses. Your customers probably are already reviewing you online. It’s important to find out where they’re reviewing you (on Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.) and make a strategy to utilize these reviews.

Asking your audience to write a review for your business on Google can help get potential leads from new customers. Good reviews of previous customers will increase your overall brand image and lead potential customers to try your products or services.

Digital Marketing tips in 2019
Digital Marketing tips in 2019

If a customer wants to leave a poor review, be sure to answer their complaints as soon as possible. By reaching immediately and positively to dissatisfied customers, potential customers will see that you care about their worries.

Digital marketing tips #5 – SEO/SEM Strategy

Use SEO and SEM simultaneously: Using both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) together is the best recipe for search engine success. And this is one of the digital marketing tips which bloggers tend to find difficult. Although, this will help to increase your online presence and this can make the customer differentiate between choosing you or the competitor.

If your website appears both on Paid and Organic Search results, it can lead to more real estate and dominate the search engine results pages. (SERP)

Digital Marketing tips in 2019
Digital Marketing tips in 2019

Pay-to-click campaigns such as SEM tactics can be a great way to get results faster and pay more attention to your company. Even though SEM does not offer much in the way to increase organic search rankings, it is still an important factor to succeed in digital marketing in 2019.

While SEO takes time to generate new leads, it can help to ensure that your business starts ranking & continue to rank on the first page of results. By specializing in good content and regularly updating your website, SEO can help to create solid ranking and organic search traffic.

Digital marketing tips #6 – Let them CLICK

Provide a strong call-to-action: Try to grab the attention of your audience by providing a strong call-to-action or by providing free quotes, ratings or newsletters. With a strong call-to-action, through the website, it can help funnel customers thus building stronger, better leads.

Digital marketing tips #7 – Analyse the Plans

Track Your Performance Online: By using online analytics, you can focus better on your digital marketing tips, ideas, tricks, resources and budget. So you can invest wisely in your campaigns. Through the use of an online analytics program, you will be able to gain valuable insights into the source of traffic on the website. Not only traffic but you’ll gain access to demographics too i.e. areas of the people coming to the website. This will allow you to judge which pages work best on the website and which pages need improvement.

Digital Marketing tips in 2019
Digital Marketing tips in 2019

Digital marketing tips #8 – Watch where they land

Create an audience-specific landing page: Consider creating a landing page that is designed to target specific audiences. These landing pages should rely heavily on the keywords and content that specific viewers will search online. It should be providing informative and helpful information. Be sure to include a strong call-to-action, as well as inter link to complete website in case potential customers wish to visit it for details.

Digital marketing tips #9 – SMO

Create a strong social media presence: Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand integrity and keep customers informed, an effective way of promoting the brand and culture of the company using various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, etc.

Digital Marketing tips in 2019
Digital Marketing tips in 2019

When using social media marketing, be sure to use a couple of platforms effectively instead of diluting yourself on many different platforms. Be sure to share news articles, as well as pictures and videos, which will help in creating brand awareness and connecting with followers in a meaningful way.

Including these 09 digital marketing tips in your overall marketing strategy in 2019 can help increase your brand awareness and increase traffic on your website. If you want to learn more digital marketing tips for 2019, then start a conversation with us today.

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