Can we access the portal to parallel universe? 1 Question unanswered for centuries

A portal to parallel universe? Is this for real? Have we come so far in future that we can answer the question of decades, centuries? Can we literally be close to access the portal to parallel universe? Today at Itstechnoera let’s discuss over the most hot topic of debate.

No joke, scientists are attempting to open a portal to parallel universe. What would happen if they succeeded? What if there are alternative universes, similar to ours? With an infinite variety of Earths? With uncountable versions of you?

And what if we don’t need to look too far to seek out them? Perhaps a mirror version of our reality is right here…➡️

Portal to Parallel Universe

How can a portal to parallel universe exist?

Our Universe began when a tiny, however very hot singularity exploded within the big bang 13.7 billion years ago. However, it’s assumed it wasn’t the only one to be born then.

In physics, space and time fuse into one multidimensional (4-Dimensional) time space-time continuum. If this space-time continuum is flat and stretches way beyond the bounds of our observation, there’s a chance that it holds uncountable disconnected universes.

But for all we know, there are a restricted range of how the particles in those alternative universes is put along. At some point the realities will need to begin repeating themselves.

That means, in theory, our reality is simply a little part of what’s out there, and somebody similar to you would possibly be living in a parallel universe almost like our own. And that universe is also as close as a million trillion trillionth of a cm away.

Although the wall between the universes can be unbelievably tiny, traveling between them won’t be simple. But it can be done or performed you could say.

Are we ready to step in to the parallel universe?

All you’d need is an 85-megawatt reactor capable of firing billions of neutrons on command. That’s how a team of physicists, operating in Tennessee’s Oak Ridge Laboratory, are attempting to open the gates to a mirror universe. Of course, they need to find it first.

It all comes from a theory that if you beam neutrons at a wall, none should go through. If some do manage to make it to the opposite side, it’d mean that they have transformed into mirror pictures of themselves as they went through the wall between the 2 worlds.

Portal to Parallel Universe

How can we even understand all that? There’s one odd factor concerning neutrons. In particle beams, on average, they last for fourteen minutes and forty eight seconds before they decay into protons. However if you place neutrons in a research lab bottle, they’ll break down ten seconds quicker.

It’s not one thing we are able to justify with physics yet. Neutrons are all the same, and there shouldn’t be any 10-second difference in their life, no matter wherever they’re placed.

Could it be possible that the neutron experiments didn’t go as expected as a result of physicists accidentally opened a portal to parallel universe?

That would be the first proof that a parallel universe exists right next to our own, a mirror world with mirror atoms, perhaps even a mirror Earth. A whole mirror world almost entirely cut off from ours.

Portal to Parallel Universe might lead nowhere

Could you meet another version of yourself in this mirror world? Now it gets a bit complicated. Despite the fact that particle configurations will repeat themselves, the chances of finding a portal to parallel universe that’s exactly the same as ours are near to zero.

Think over it. There are a novemvigintillion particles within the Universe. That’s the number – 01 followed by ninety zeros.

Every single one of them would need to possess the similar interactions for 13.7 billion years to form a homogenous universe to what we’ve got now. The parallel universe would possibly have its own mirror laws of physics.

But it’s hard to understand for sure, since no one has detected a single mirror particle yet. Maybe, we shouldn’t be looking for answers in a laboratory. Maybe we should search for it in space itself.

Our Universe (Milky Way) is filled with dark matter. We can’t observe it directly, and that we don’t have any idea what it’s made from or how it works. However, we all know that dark matter is powerful enough to prevent galaxies from flying apart.

Yet, we can’t find it. Maybe the explanation is that dark matter is leaking from a mirror world into ours. If we could find that, it might ensure that a parallel universe exists. Because we know that there’s 5x times more dark matter than there is visible matter within the Universe, you’ve gotta assume that a mirror universe is far a lot of huge than the one we live in.

Let’s Watch How it’s done-

Even if we did manage to open a gate to a different world, the portal would be unbelievably tiny — too small for you to visualize anything without some terribly powerful laboratory equipment. We’d still be dealing with neutrons and protons, remember?
You could only enter that realm if you had the power to shrink yourself to the size of an atom.

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