Tik Tok’s company will invest $1 billion in India, launch a new app – After Tik Tok Ban in India

After Tik Tok Ban, the company has said that $ 1 billion will be invested in India. The number of employees in India will be up to 1,000 and a new app will be launched in India.

Even though the Tik Tok download has stopped in India, but TikTok’s parent company is still in the process of making a $ 1 billion investment in India. ByteDance is a startup of China that is kept in the world’s highest value startup. Earlier, the company had invested 100 million in India for some apps.

These apps include Vigo, Helo and Tik Tok. Next month, ByteDance is preparing to launch a new app in India. Speaking to the news agency PTI, the Director of the International Public Policy byte dance has said that the company has been strengthening the Content Moderation Policy for the last few months.

He has said sadly at Tik Tok Ban in India, “Obviously we are disappointed with the latest development, but we hope that we will solve this problem.” We are Committed to Indian Users. As a company, we will invest 1 billion in India in the next three years, and we will remain in India in this way.

According to Tik Tok, there are 130 million active users in this app in India. Not only this, in India, till the end of this year, the company will increase the number of employees to 1,000.

According to the report, ByteDance is preparing to launch a new video sharing app in India soon. This company has total 20 apps out of which only three are in India. At the moment it is not clear that the upcoming app will replace the Tik Tok in India or it will have a separate platform from it.

In an interview given to ET, Senior Vice President of Tik Tok said that 85% of Tic-talk users are adult and the content is created by the short videos and user-made content for the company.

He has also said that this short video is becoming a way for people to express themselves and interact with others. About safety features, he said that there are many safety features in it and the company has removed 60 million videos.

It is worth mentioning that after ordering the Madurai High Court’s Tik Tok Ban, the company had said in the official statement that the company had full faith in the Indian judicial system. However, it was also said on behalf of the company that the Tik Tok Ban is harmful for free speech in India.

The latest situation is that tik tok blocks from Google Play Store and Apple App Store means new users can not download it. However, users who have this app are using it and the app is working just like before.

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