Boost your mobile charging speed with these SIMPLE 2 TRICKS

Many mobile users complain that there is no way to increase the mobile charging speed. Well, nowadays many smartphones launching fast charging support are being provided, but if you have an old smartphone and it takes a lot of time to charge, then today we are going to tell you some of the simplest tips that will affect your mobile charging speed greatly.

But, if your smartphone’s battery is too heavy or bad, then these tricks will not help you. For this, you will have to replace the battery by going to the service center.

You have also seen many users who keep their smartphone in charge all night. His point is that the smartphone takes a lot of time to charge. The mobile charging speed is too low. The following two methods should be adopted before putting their smartphone for charging. These methods can help their smartphones get charged faster.

Although while sleeping at night, do not charge the smartphone & leave it. Many such cases have been found in which the phone has been overcharged and blasted after putting the phone in the charge while sleeping. This has left many people dead.

The first method to enhance mobile charging speed

Airplane Mode: Before placing your smartphone to charge, you can put your smartphone in airplane mode. To put your smartphone in airplane mode, you have to go to your smartphone’s settings. After this you will see the option of Airplane mode Users using the Android 9 Pie operating system will see the option of airplane mode in the Notification tab above. If you want, you can enable it by going there.

Now you may be wondering if the smartphone should be put in airplane mode before charging? After activating Airplane mode, the mobile network and other connectivity end up with the smartphone which also reduces battery consumption. Thus, increasing your desired mobile charging speed.

Commonly practiced step to increase mobile charging speed

Switch OFF: Switching the smartphone off and charging can be more effective. After a device switches off, the battery consumption becomes zero, which helps in charging the battery faster. This way you can increase your mobile charging speed & charge your smartphone fast.

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