End of True love? This #1 story made me realise a bond of true love never fades…

This is completely off topic. End of true love might be the last topic you would want to read if you’ve got some heartbreaks in life. This coming story is a real life experience of a guy who established a bond of true love with a girl whom he never knew, never expected to walk in his life.

Knowingly or unknowingly the bond grew so strong that he had to give up on his mind and follow what his heart asked. The girl meant everything for him. He describes she was all the human relations for him. No single relation could define his love for her. She was the one who not only changed perspective of his life but completely changed the definition of perspective for him.

Here’s the story shared to us anonymously by the guy who expressed his feelings in a very unique way.

Beginning of End of True Love-

It was a sunny day. A bright, hot, working day. The day I met her. It was more of an encounter. It feels like nature planned & set up the whole scenario. I was just like every other student with nearly no idea of where life is pulling you. Just some wishes, dreams, aims which may or may not be fulfilled.

My very first encounter with her was like this – I went on a platform to pick up a friend(very new friend) & he notified me about someone coming along with him. She came out of a vestibule after completing her transactions. Removing her glares she introduced herself with a handshake. That handshake passed some sort of current in my body. My heart was filled with some unknown source of happiness & brain was sending some alarming signals that this is the person you need to stay with. This is the person who can help you do something in life.

I was speechless. I couldn’t think of any other example of being a perfect person. Such a personality, behaviour, attitude, charisma. It was not my eyes that were attracted to her. It was my soul. Never had it occured. It was love at first sight. Definitely! But this love, I think is the purest bond I’ve ever felt. It demanded for nothing, yet this love was being fed by many irreplaceable memories.

To be honest, it was never a date or something. We met for a professional work. We agreed for a professional life. I couldn’t be more happy to be around her. Every time I thought she would be the one by my side, I was so ready to move the mountains. Oh, those feelings. It never dies. Time passed. It flied. And together flew away my loneliness. I was not lonely anymore. I had her. The one who was once a stranger but cared for me more than a family.

What brings an end of true love?

I wanted to be her family. Always. I never wanted a relation in my life. But this love asked for it. I have no real sister. But every time I meet her, every time I watch her grow, every moment I think about her I want a sister like her. I want her to be my bestest friend. I want her completely. A small sadness on her face would break my heart. She never knew that I could guess or I was capable enough to know when she was in sorrow. But life had taught me many lessons in past. And the worst lesson is that I can easily understand when a person is in sorrow, when he/she is hurt.

She is elder to me. Maybe that’s why she never wanted to let me know about the reasons troubling her. Who would want to trouble her younger brother huh? But this younger brother had become too mature from brain. It’s a curse from nature.

End of true love

“We are into business”, I said to my heart in my lone times. “You are asking for too much. You cannot be with her for too long. She is something else. She’s a precious treasure and you are not even worthy of a single gem that has touched her. She is a class, you don’t even deserve to be around her.” My brain couldn’t agree more. I accepted my fate. I was not the one who could ever made her happy.

But nature! This nature has plans of his own. The more we try to get away from someone or something the closer it brings them. I tried to change. But you know, it’s the love at first sight effect. One feeling you can never conquer. We used to meet regularly. Everyday she seemed different. When she laughed, I couldn’t ask for more. It was a blissful feeling. The professional space was depleting slowly and on the other hand an unknown feeling was about to born. A feeling which we all know by the name of WORRY.

Worry is a feeling or fate?

As time brought us closer with various situations, I began to worry much about losing her. Because somewhere deep in my heart I knew we weren’t meant to be together. She’s a sky & I’m the earth. They just look together but they never actually meet. And the day they’ll meet, well, it will be the end of earth. So, I shut down my doors to all feelings.

This whole experience coming through me on an open platform is the largest change I could’ve ever expect in my past. I’m the one who never believed in expressing feelings openly to anyone. I think it’s an opening to weakness. But this one person, she changed me completely. Inside out. I not only owe my years to her but I owe my complete life to her. Who can ever believe that such person even exists? If this is not a pure bond of true love then what is. Someone please explain.

What’s True love – Bond or Expectations?

There’s no expectation in true love. True love do not require sides. All you need to feed it is happiness. The happiness of the person it’s attached to. But somewhere in the journey there came a time where there was nearly an end of true love. The situation for which no one is ever prepared – CHANGE. Change in a person’s life.

It was the day she had to move on. I never confronted my feelings. I wasn’t brave enough. Deep in my heart I’m satisfied that she might know. But she had to go, she had to grow. I knew from the beginning what I was signing for. But the worry of losing her completely overwhelmed my heart. How could you love someone so much & stay so silent? Heart & brain are the funniest rivals living in our body. I assumed the true love never existed. But it did. It’s a feeling. It’s just a bond. You don’t require to name a relation every time you fall in love. Some relations left unnamed are the best.

She grew. Some old people returned in her life, some new people entered. Priorities changed within a span of time. It killed me inside. But it was a required move by nature. I had to move on. Because a jungle does not grow in a blink of an eye. Some trees grow fast, some slow. Such are the feelings. As a matter of fact, people in true love can never be on a same page.

Is this the end of True Love?

The question that has destroyed so many bonds, relations, lives. True love never ever fades. Do we stop loving our mother? Can we stop loving our children? Can we ever stop caring for our father silently? Do we cease to care for humanity? No, never. These are the feelings keeping us intact. The feeling of Care. The purpose of life. No one asks a permission to love, to care, to worry. Some decisions are a debate play between your brain & heart. Unfortunately, true love is one of those biggest debate ever discussed in human history.

True love teaches us a lot of things. I could write all the synonyms of care, affection, trust yet it will be incomplete & undefined. There’s no answer to whoever questions the end of true love. There is a single expression. And that expression is SMILE. Maybe, if she is reading this message she would know it’s for her. I don’t know I’ll be with her anymore by the time this message reaches her. But she is the only one who taught this heart to beat, and she would be the only one for whom this heart will stop to beat. Such is the end of true love. A beginning with happiness & the end with happiness.


Thank you for reading this content upto here. Team Itstechnoera agree that this one post is completely off the topic for all our audience engaging with us. But this story really moved the perspective of a blog sharing. This post was shared on a special request for a special occasion of Teacher’s Day i.e. 5th of September.

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