Facebook Live Stream feature new policy in 2019! It can block|BAN| your Accounts Permanently

What is this shocking news of Facebook Live Stream feature New Policy in 2019? It has literally shaken the Internet market with the consequences of any case where user does not satisfy the policy. Let’s find out what is this Facebook Live Stream feature New Policy about & what is the reason behind this massive update.

Facebook has taken a big decision and said that if someone uses live streaming for violence then the account of that user will be banned. It is clear that if someone has a live streaming video of violence from their Facebook account, then they will not be able to use this feature further.

Facebook has taken this big step after live streaming of violence in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company’s VP Guy Rosen said that people who will break the rules will be banned from using Facebook live stream feature.

What’s in Facebook Live Stream Feature Policy 2019 –

Guy Rosen says that the invasion of New Zealand’s Christchurch was carried out with live streaming on Facebook. Many users shared this video too. [A heavy misuse of Facebook Live Stream Feature.]

That’s why the company is now launching a one-strike policy to stop hatred on Facebook. And the key might be this new 2019 policy of Facebook live stream feature.

  • After the implementation of this policy, if the user violates the conditions, his account will be banned or his / her features will be closed.
  • If a user shares a link to the statement of a terrorist organization, then it will also be against the policy. In such a situation, his account will be banned.

Facebook deleted the video of the attack in New Zealand, of many users from the wall. Although, many people shared their edited videos which is a challenge for Facebook.

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