Facebook WhatsApp Down with Instagram|News hit the users| Here’s their reaction

Facebook WhatsApp Down with Instagram services hit the users & news like a rapid fire. People around the world, including India, got bogged down on Wednesday evening when the services of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were suddenly stuck. People used Twitter to share their experiences. This incident when the services of Facebook WhatsApp down graded along with Instagram, took place on July 03, 2019.

Facebook WhatsApp Down instant Response of Facebook

Many people on Twitter also pinched on this problem. In the way all the people gathered on Twitter to keep their views, a user wrote, “The breakdown of social media is the only way to unite the world.” On Wednesday, the services of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were not completely closed, but some of their features were having problems. #facebookdown #whatsappdown facebook Whatsapp down these got pretty viral.

In India, people had to face difficulties in sending photographs to WhatsApp. Only text messages were being exchanged. People also faced trouble in uploading photos on Instagram. It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp and Instagram are also subject to Facebook.

Facebook’s proprietary social media platform Instagram, Whatsapp as well as Facebook’s server is down. Users are faced with problems in posting and sharing photos on these apps. This outage in Facebook servers can be seen in South America and East Asian countries. Just like Facebook, users are having problems loading and posting photos on Instagram and Whatsapp. Users are trying to load photos as soon as they have a ‘Photo Can not Be Post‘ error.

Facebook WhatsApp Down with Instagram
Facebook WhatsApp down affected the downloads

This problem has been reported in South America as well as in the East Coast. According to the website down detector, this problem is also seen in other areas of the world. Many users are reporting this kind of problem from Europe, South America and East Asia. Even before this, Major Outage was registered on these three platforms of Facebook. Users were unable to use these platforms for several hours.

Assuming media reports, this outage can be seen due to major fault in the Facebook server. Instagram and Whatsapp users also face problems facing the Facebook server. The main reason is that these three platforms share the same infrastructure.

Facebook said that due to the problem of server configurations many users are facing such a problem. We have overcome this problem and our servers are recovering once again. We apologize to the users for this problem and respect their patient. In March this year, the longest outage was found in Facebook’s server.

Users reaction on Facebook WhatsApp Down Service

Instagram, Facebook Whatsapp down time, many users have come across a number of funny responses through their Twitter handle. Many users have also shared funny memes.

Facebook WhatsApp Down with Instagram
Facebook WhatsApp Down with Instagram
Facebook WhatsApp Down with Instagram

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