Google Maps Route Alert Feature| The 1 feature that alerts you if your cab takes wrong route

Google just came up with all new Google maps route alert feature which is a dream come true. Now, Google Maps can notify the user whether their cab/taxi is taking them through a wrong route. Google is stepping towards customer satisfaction step by step as usual.

Recently, the company has brought 3 new features, including SOS Alerts, on-screen speedometer, which includes LIVE train status. This makes it clear that Google Maps wants to be more than just an app offering navigation services. Google has been spotted while testing this new feature in India. Yes, it is the all new Google maps route alert feature.

Google Maps Route Alert Feature-

This feature will ensure your safety during your taxi ride. Apart from this, the company has also announced that information on fresh traffic is being complied with in 66 countries. Under the new Google Maps Route Alert feature, if your taxi takes a different route than the easier one, you will get an alert immediately. Google Maps will alert you after 500 meters of your taxi’s normal route.

This feature will also work even when you are driving yourself. This will ensure that you are not catching the wrong path.

This feature of Google Maps route alert was first spotted by XDA developers and currently this feature is only available in India. This new feature is extremely useful for ensuring that your driver is not taking you off-route anymore.

Learn using Google Maps Route Alert Feature

To use this feature, go to Google Maps and select your destination location. Then tap on the Stay Safer button at the bottom of the screen. There are two options under the Stay Safer feature. In it, live trips can be shared with your friends and you can get off-route alerts.

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