What if a million people went to Area 51

If you happened to roam into the Nevada desert and stumbled upon the secret U.S. military base – Area 51, you’d quickly be arrested, killed, or even even kidnapped by aliens. However what if you happened to prepare a million people through social media to storm Area 51?

I mean, they can’t stop us all, right? Or can they? And if you probably did manage to get into the base, what would you see?

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If you haven’t heard of it before, Area 51 is an extremely classified U.S. military base. It’s heavily reported to possess secret military technology and maybe aliens. For many years, decades to be precise, it’s been the supply of conspiracy theories. However currently, you would like to see if any of those theories are true.

How does one get to Area 51? It’s restricted to guests i.e. outsiders, thus it’s going to not be on your GPS. However, there are on-line guides you’ll got to use.

How to get to Area 51?

The nearest airport is in Las Vegas. From there, you’ll need to rent a automobile and drive through the southern Nevada desert for many hours.

Keep in mind that there are going to be a million people doing a similar thing as you. If you’re thinking that traffic in your town is dangerous, wait until you see this!

Nevada’s most inhabited town. Las Vegas, has but 800,000 folks living in it. In fact, the whole state of Nevada only has about three million people.

Adding another million folks, all right away, would seriously harm Nevada’s infrastructure. The roads to get to Area fifty one aren’t an eight-lane main road. Sorry guys! No highways here. Instead, they’re little multilane roads and dirt trails.

If a million folks set to do this, they will not even make it to the military base. Instead, they will get stuck in traffic or get into an accident. Such a mess for seeing any aliens.

But let’s imagine that everybody somehow makes it the front gates of the base. Currently a million individuals are ready to storm Area fifty one. What happens next?

Welcome to Area 51?

You and your friends are peaceful people i.e. normal locals, thus you wouldn’t be carrying any guns. You’re simply simply running into the base.

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You’re a guest to Area 51!

As soon as you crossed the Area fifty one borders, you’d be quickly met by the base’s personal security. These people, additionally referred to as “Camo Dudes,” have weapons in hand and patrol the base 24/7 in white pickup trucks. You wouldn’t be able to pass on on any of those guys as they’d certainly recognize you’re coming.

And it wouldn’t simply be the private security attempting to stop you. With an occurrence this huge, the entire world would for sure know, and it might be not possible to keep it a secret.

Area 51 is a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base that is located in Southern California. Thousands of active military members are stationed at Edwards.

You could expect to see them, along side thousands of different armed soldiers and police members. They’d have their guns, tasers, tanks and who is aware of what else.

The defense force would try and keep casualties at a minimum, however they’d still be striking everybody with pepper spray and different non-lethal weapons. They’d still be determined to keep what’s within Area 51 a secret, thus possibly the camo dudes and their military counterparts would shoot on the crowds. And they’re approved to use deadly force. Thus don’t be shocked if they started firing bullets.

If you’re lucky enough to not get shot, or pepper-sprayed, you’d get arrested. However, what if you somehow managed to sneak past all the guards?

Locating Area 51-

Despite this, you still wouldn’t be at the actual Area 51 base, at least not yet. You’d need to find it, search for it, locate it.

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That’s because the first area 51 base occupies an area of a hundred and fifty sq. km. (60 sq. mi.,) however the property encompassing it – is 1600 sq. km. (575 sq. mi.) within the middle of the desert. It’s rumored the base is separate with blacked-out windows and hardly any visible lights from the surface. You’ll be walking around for hours before you found it.

But once you reached area fifty one, what would happen? What would you see? Well, we’re not very certain what’s there, that is what makes this so exciting.

Crazy military technology, UFO’s, or maybe aliens can be lurking regarding. Proceed with caution although, as some suspect that the base is heavily contaminated from decades of state experiments. If that’s true, simply being within the base without correct equipment might lead to you getting sick or dying.

What did you cost?

So storming area 51 most likely isn’t a decent idea. it might possibly end in you getting sick, arrested or dying.

Sorry, you won’t be getting a baby alien as a reward gift. the sole method you’ll most likely ever be able to see aliens is that if they come to U.S.A..

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