Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG New Death match Mode in Beta Version 0.13

PUBG New Death Match Mode in 0.13 beta offers new perspective views of this game. Like most Deathmatch games, you get unreal tournaments.

Tencent Games rolled out PUBG Mobile’s 0.13.0 beta a few days ago. This version has come up with PUBG new death match mode. This beta was live on May 31. Talk about the biggest edition of PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 beta, then Team Deathmatch mode has been added in it. This mode gives users the EvoGround section. In this PUBG new Death match mode – Mobile version 0.13.0 Beta, the game has new perspective views.

Pubg new death match mode

Like most deathmatch games, you get unrelated tournaments. You can pick up your weapon and attachment even after it is killed. After that you come back to the map again. The team who kills or knocks out the most opponents win the match. Compared with other modes, the Pubg new Death match mode is much faster and exciting.

Pubg new Death match mode is based on First Party Shooter (FPS). Two teams with four players face it with each other. The team who scored 40 points is declared the winner of that tournament. In this mode, every point is earned on every kill, it means that you have to score 40 Kills to win the tournament.

In this Pubg new death match mode, the players are not killed forever. This means that you get unlimited opportunities before the match is over.

After PUBG new death match mode, here’s what will happen

The player who is alive gets some seconds to play spawn campers. So far this mode is played only in one map TDM. There is a large ware house in this map, in which big shade is given, in which you get many carats, walls and hiding spots. If you put a headshot during the game, you also get a special mention. Apart from this, special training is also given for Killing Streaks during game play. In Pubg New Death Match mode, players are not given any rewards or winning awards to win the tournament.

After some time the player’s health is regenerated. For this, the player has to hide and wait. After a while the players have enough health back, which helps to run faster. Apart from this, players can also manually heal themselves. At the end of the match players can check their status such as Kills, Kill / Death Ratio and Assist. The Best Performing Player Receives the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Also, it also gets a dedicated xp that helps in level up. PUBG Mobile players can get PUBG New Death match mode after rolling out the 0.13.0 update in main version.

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